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for the raid on dr. conrad murray's home and office in las vegas for the latest details of what is contained in the search warrant, let's go to ellie jostad, "nancy grace" producer. >> what they are looking for is evidence of the charges of manslaughter, excessive prescribing and prescribing to an addict. the other interesting thing is, they're looking for anything related to the treatment, patient records for michael jackson or 19 aliases they believe jackson may have used. those aliases include his son's name, prince jackson, frank tyson, a former personal assistant, kai chase, his personal chef and also omar arnold, an alias jackson used in relation to his health care. they are looking for informing, distribution lists, prescriptions, delivery, storage of that drug, propofol which authority authorities -- >> that is not listed for the return here, jim. we've got computer evidence, cell phone evidence. we have paperwork but i don't see propofol listed here. >> if you're the homicide detective, they go there. their priority number one is finding the propofol. it's not listed. other good stu
the presses, the search warrant for the raid on dr. conrad murray's home and office in las vegas. for the latest details on what is contained in this search warrant, let's go straight out to ellie jostad, nancy grace producer poring through this. >> reporter: we find out what they are looking for is evidence of the charges of manslaughter, excessive prescribing and prescribing to an addict. the other interesting thing, they're looking for anything related to the treatment, patient records, prescriptions, for michael jackson or 19 aliases they believe jackson may have used. those aliases include his son's name, prince jackson. frank tyson, former personal assistant. kai chase, his personal chef. the name omar arnold which is an allance alias michael jackson used often in relation to his health care. they're specifically looking for any information, distribution lists, prescriptions, delivery storage of the drug propofol, which authorities tell us they believe may have killed michael jackson. >> did they find propofol? >> reporter: that is not listed on the return here, jane. we've
and office of dr. conrad murray would uncover evidence of, quote, crimes of excess. specifically, excessive prescribing, prescribing to or treating an addict, and manslaughter. >> the addict in this case, apparently michael jackson. the key piece of evidence is a cd with the name omar arnold on that. detectives seized that, and i confirmed with a source close to the investigation that jackson used the name omar arnold as an alias to obtain prescription drugs and to get procedures done without anyone knowing. >> the fact that they are, essentially, saying that michael jackson was an addict makes the prosecution of anybody harder because it suggests that jackson himself was the big initiator of getting all these drugs. >> it was april of 2009 that he asked me for the drug. one drop hit my vein with the i.v., i go to sleep right away. i'm knocked out and i'm asleep. >> let's go out to tom o'neil, senior editor of "in touch weekly." tom, we're learning more about the search warrants that were executed in las vegas, actually three search warrants. they always say the devil is in the details. wha
. >> and your thoughts on the death investigation so far? dr. conrad murray, five search warrants executed. what are your thoughts? >> it's hard to know. the point was made -- they're going to have to prove causation, their going to have to prove recklessness of some kind. and because it's michael jackson, they're doing a thorough job as humanly possible. >> all right, mr. heaarland bra, thank you so much. for newsone.com, he interviewed joe jackson, take a listen to this. >> if you were in michael's life, would he still be alive today? >> of course. of course. i had told people, friends, if i don't get to michael, he ain't going to be here long. i said that. he won't be us with long. and i called the shots if he, exactly what had happened. i just didn't like to see him -- as a matter of fact, i wouldn't go to see him laying in the casket, i didn't want to remember him like that. i wanted to remember him live and dancing on stage. >> he was juniyour boy. >> he was my son. >> to smokey fontaine, you just got this interview with joe s s jackson. we'll talk to you after the break, but first, your
. the lapd is pursuing a manslaughter investigation into his personal physician, dr. conrad murray. investigators searched his texas clinic last month. it showed that michael jackson had a legal levels of the powerful anesthetic in his blood the day before he died. >> when we are talking about manslaughter, we are talking about a departure from an acceptable medical standard that is more than just what we call ordinary negligence but criminal negligence. it is beyond the pale of what a reasonable doctor would do. >> according to the affidavit, dr. margaret told investigators that he had been giving jackson -- dr. conrad murray told investigators that he had been giving jackson propofol several times at night to help them sleep. >> these address would be appropriate if this is someone in an intensive care unit. but to just give it to someone who has trouble sleeping is really amazing to me. it is disturbing at the same time. >> many of the police statement made in the affidavit is being disputed by the attorney for the doctor. the family of michael jackson is looking for today justi
dr. conrad murray. >> let's not forget we've been talking about building up the case against murray and certainly that doesn't appear what's going on. this affidavit, this is murray telling law enforcement what happened. this is not law enforcement finding out from someone apart from murray what took place that night. this is murray cooperating with authorities. i think that's important to point out here, that we're not dealing with somebody who's trying to hide anything it would seem and not trying to keep anything away from law enforcement. he's telling them the dosage, the time, and exactly what drugs he administered, and this is someone who says all along, i have not given him anything that should have killed michael jackson. so now we have a number of facts here and that will be determined. >> courtney hazlett, thanks so much. dr. conrad murray may insist he didn't give anything that should have killed michael jackson, but you get the sense that may be argued in front of a jury at some point. >> it may not just be because he's necessarily a quote, unquote good guy. >>> still ah
's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, were released. after weeks of leaks and speculation, for the first time we know the details of what police and the coroner believe happened in those fateful last 24 hours of jackson's life. a police affidavit says dr. conrad murray told los angeles detectives he had been treating jackson for six weeks for insomnia, giving him 50 milligrams of propofol every night through an i.v. to help jackson sleep. ♪ dr. murray told investigators he feared jackson was getting addicted, so he reduced the dosage to 25 milligrams two days prior to jackson's death. >> you don't use propofol to wean somebody, but propofol literally is just simply used to put someone to sleep and if you give too much, it can be lethal and you can have exactly what happened here. >> the papers say that dr. murray gave jackson valium at 1:30 a.m. and that he said that the valium did not work, so he gave the singer an i.v. injection of lorazepam. an anti-anxiety drug about half an hour later. >> in the case of lorazepam, however, although it's in the blood for a short time its effects ca
. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. >> breaking news in the michael jackson death investigation. according to court documents, lethal levels of anesthetic propofol were found in michael jackson during the autopsy. this information was contained in a search warrant affidavit that was unsealed in houston today. houston is where jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray, has a home and also has an office. >> i'm told that dr. conrad murray took responsibility. >>> also, a young mom like millions of moms across america goes out for an evening walk on a country road not far from her own home talking away on a cell phone. the boyfriend on the other end hears screaming "please don't take me." her voice never heard again. she vanishes without a trace. that cell phone discarded on someone's lawn two miles away. as we go to air, the ground search expands. u.s. marshals and cadaver dogs hone in after an anonymous tip. more private video of missing mom released. we have the video. tonight, wher
>>> tonight on "nightline," the doctor's story. for the first time, dr. conrad murray, the man who was beside michael jackson when he died speaks out. >> i told the truth, and i have faith that the truth will prevail. >>> plus, doc hollywood. the shocking truth of what goes on between celebrities and doctors in tinseltown. you won't lieve what they can get their hands on. >>> and car wars. we hit the road with the undercover spies who will do anything to get a shot at the secret test cars that are about to hit main street. it's a sneak peek at what's right around the corner. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. we begin tonight with the first public words from dr. conrad murray, the man who was with michael jackson the day he died and now according to his spokesperson has stopped practicing medicine while the investigation into the circumstances of michael jackson's death proceed. this case has raised serious questions about the relationship between celebrity and doctor. according to hollywood insiders, there are plenty of doctors willing to do wha
investigation involving dr. conrad murray and his apparent imminent indictment. there is amazing stuff coming down the pipe. i'm getting it all organized and i will be bringing you the beginning of it in the next five or ten minutes but i want to begin with the stunning but controversial success of the governments it cash for clunkers campaign which rewards car buyers with up to $4,500 in free money when they trade in their old gas guzzlers for new smaller fuel efficient vehicles. so popular is the particular stimulus program that it has spent its entire billion dollars budget in just the first month and to keep the good times rolling the house on friday voted overwhelmingly to rush another $2 billion into the program. but the senate, as you know, has yet to agree. and for obvious reasons. watch. ♪ money for nothing and your chicks for free ♪ >> the president probably did not have the old money for nothing dire straits song in mind when included the rebright stimulus package, but there is no doubt this ranked as an enormous success. >> there were skeptics who weren't sure that this cash f
's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin in new york. first randy with the very latest. randy, what can you tell us? >> i know you mentioned the report by the associated press saying the death has been ruled a homicide. i do want to point out when it comes to the coroner's ruling of a homicide, it could have a very different meaning. it has a much larger meaning. it could be reckless manslaughter, negligent homicide, there are all kinds of things there. the associated press is quoting a single source there. we have called the l.a.p.d. they said that that information was not coming from them. we also called the coroner's office here in l.a. county and they gave us a "no comment." we did check with the district attorney's office as well, and they said they hadn't received a note yet to press charges. we can tell you that according to the affidavit and the
from dr. conrad murray. >> dr. conrad murray broke his silence in a message that was posted online a short time ago. his personal physician did not mention the pop star. he thinks is patients for their support and insists he is being honest. >> i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> for the first time dr. conrad murray, the physician who was my -- with michael jackson has made a public statement. the cardiologists has been under scrutiny since the death in june. investigators raided his home in houston and las vegas, looking for evidence that could lead to the anesthetic propof, which was given to jackson's 24 hours before deathhi. s >> because of of all that is going on, i am afraid to return. he thanked his patience for it calls and e-mails. >> the messages mean to world to me. as long as i keep god in my heart and you in my life, i will [unintelligible] >> the kellie coner's office has determined its work on determining michael jackson's death. that is not expect to be released until the investigation is complete. >>> court records are read -- revealing gru
attorney investigators continue to seize evidence from jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray. search warrants filed at the court indicate the focus is still on propofol, the powerful anesthetic that detectives allegedly found in jackson's home. dr. conrad murray's attorney maintains his client is innocent and that he never gave jackson any drugs that, quote, should have caused his death. again, a court hearing about michael jackson's estate and children scheduled to begin this morning. in los angeles, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here's a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> travelers onboard a northwest airlines flight encounter a shaky landing that story at 6:17. >> a group of kids rejected from a swim club take a special trip. find out where they went and who footed the bill. >> and an unusual contest out of thailand where contestants were judged by decibels. >> and the mercury will rise to above normal levels today. i'll tell you how hot it's going to get in your insta-weather plus forecast. >> and as far as your morning commute, dealing with a couple of accidents. one
doctor, dr. conrad murray had with investigators investigating the singer's death. court documents show dr. murray told police he had been treating michael jackson for insomnia for some six weeks and that treatment had included using this power anesthetic, propofol. propofol is normally used in hospitals administered by an anesthesiologist awaiting surgery -- it's very powerful, it needs to be supervised and someone needs to administer it, they need to monitor you and bring you off the drug to bring you around again. this is the kind of thing michael jackson was using just in order to get to sleep. >> by all accounts it doesn't give you a refreshing sleep, it just knocks you out flat -- an extraordinary thing to be using for this purpose and surely raises all kinds of questions for those around michael jackson. >> it does, and dr. murray pointed out to police that he had become worried that michael jackson was becoming addicted to propofol, and he had tried to wean the drug off the star by introducing different sedatives and in fact in the early hours of the day that michael jackson die
. >> michael jackson's doctor speaks out for the first time. in a youtube video, dr. conrad murray thanks his supporters and apologizes for not responding to well-wishers. he is the target of a police investigation. he told them he gave jackson diprivan just before the singer died. a jackson spokesman said jackson will be born in glendale, california next saturday, august 29th. that would have been his 51st birthday. only family and close friends will be invited. >>> mr. california, a woman's body found in a dumpster has been identified as a swim suit model who disappeared over the weekend. now police want to talk to the man who reported her missing. as our los angeles station reports, their l.a. neighbors can't believe it. >> she was close. she had a good roommate. she was strong with everybody else. it was just a shocker. >> reporter: 28 year-old jasmine fiore seemed excited to move into a new apartment. some neighbors describe this man as her husband. >> he wasn't as shy as the two girls were. >> reporter: her fourth floor penthouse is now a crime scene. >> we are searching for any evidenc
arnold is the name found on a cd that was in dr. conrad murray's clinic. so here you have a cd with that name, the alias that michael jackson has apparently used on a cd that was found at the clinic belonging to the doctor who is at the center of this investigation. we know from a former doctor of michael jackson he used to prescribe medicine under the name omar arnold and michael jackson. it seems to be one of the more popular aliases. >> randy, thanks so much. stick around. we want to talk with you later. fake names, famous names, family names allegedly used to get drugs for michael jackson. police say the name kai chase is on that list. the real kai chase joins us from los angeles. she was jackson's personal chef. she was in jackson's home the day he died. kai, the fact your name was on the list of 19 aliases that may have been used to procure drugs, is that a surprise to you? >> you know, yes. it was quite devastating to hear. i was just made aware of that by my pr consultant. it blew me away. i felt confused and i felt used, you know? >> what was your relationship to dr. c
the day of his death his doctor gave him sever doses of different drugs. the documents show dr. conrad murray told investigators he gave direct examination doses of value young diazepam and they have that he has lam in a drip because he couldn't fall asleep. at 10:40:00 a.m. the doctor finally gave him propofol. he said jackson demanded it and feared the star was becoming addicted to it. he says he stepped away for a couple minutes and when he returned, jackson was not bothing. >> reporter: according to the search warrant affidavit investigators found seven different prescriptions from three medications on his bed seed table. >> the court: the coroner has ruled the death a homicide. the jackson family would only say they look forward to the day when justice could be served. >> the newfoundings could mean dr. murray will face criminal charges. he's kernel the target of a ravens investigation. and tonight fine's attorney says his client was a victim of racial profiling. >> it's what you have been foamed off the old that pushed rocket on the sergeant. >> informs that i had based on the in
. a source tells our sister network, cnn, another doctor, dr. conrad murray gave jackson the drug in the 24 hours before he died. a coroner's report on jackson's death has been postponed indefinitely. >>> tonight on hln "news and views," was michael jackson addicted to drugs? did those medicines kill him and will doctors place charges? plus, the custody issue looms as the judge decides whether to approve a deal that places jackson's children with his mother katherine. nancy grace has the breaking news at 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. eastern on hln. >> border patrolman robert rosas hoped to see his 2-year-old son follow in his foot steps and dance at his little girl's wedding. sadly that won't happen. he was laid to rest yesterday. mexican authorities said they arrested five men in connection with his killing. the fbi has not identified possible suspects yet. here's lynn stewart. >> fire! >> reporter: murdered border patrol agent robert rosas' life is marked with ceremonial good-byes. and heartbreaking ones. his children sang farewell before they got to know their dad. about 4,000 people turned out t
of the michael jackson death investigation. dr. conrad murray, personal physician to the king of pop, speaks to his supporters in a one-minute clip on youtube. let's give it a listen. >> i want to thank all of my patients and friends who have sent such kind e-mails, letters and messages to let me know of your support and prayers for me and my family. because of all that is going on, i'm afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. therefore, i recorded this video to let all of you know that i have been receiving your messages. i have not been able to thank you personally, which as you know, is not normal for me. your messages give me strength and courage, and keep me going. they mean the world to me. please don't worry. as long as i keep god in my heart and you in my life, i will be fine. i have done all i can do. i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. god bless you, and thank you. >> all right. want to hear from you on this. taking your calls at 1-877-tell hln. back with us to talk about this statement, jim moray, chief correspondent, inside edition and ann bremner. ann
, according to these documents that we have, this affidavit of a search warrant, dr. conrad murray stated to detectives that he was michael jackson's personal physician and that he did administer several drugs to jackson in the early morning hours of june 25th, which as you know is the day that michael jackson died. and at approximately 11:00 in the morning, he told police that that's when michael stopped breathing. i can tell you dr. murray admitted to police he administered 25 milligrams of propofol along with lidocaine, to michael jackson through an iv drip. now, we know that michael jackson was taking a lot of drugs. this comes to us from a lot of sources. getting. he told detebbuttives he injected low raz pam. at 3:00 a.m., michael still awake. he tried giving him mydazolam the 25 milligrams of the propofol after jackson repeatedly demanded that drug. now, mike something else i want to point out. he said after approximately ten minutes, dr. murray said that he left jackson's side to go to the restroom and relieve himself. this is the first time we're getting new information about him
to this story about what happened in that house in the final weeks of dr. conrad's life. is dr. conrad murray the sole engineer with the family excluded of a estate where he could overdose from these multiple drugs? >> when they charge him, which will be soon, he will spill. he will tell everything. >> if is he not already spilling. >> that's your job to get it. >> the reason they have not yet indicted him is they are seeking to make dr. conrad murray in my opinion a cooperating witness so he can spill the beans on exactly who were the agents and the operators who isolated and led michael and ultimately exploited him. michael jackson will definitely be bigger in death than ever he was in life. bill: just like elvis. when we come right back, newt gingrich on whether the republican party can gain from president obama's troubles. does the g.o.p. have a plan? what were the dumbest things in america this week? we will run them down. no shortage of participants in just a few moments. who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and
was involved in their son's death. as to reports about dr. conrad murray we have been reporting that all along. he gave him the prop fill, he gave him this powerful anesthetic that knocked him out. michael had been using demerol and oxycontin to such antics tent that family had done intervention on him weeks and months plifer to his death. with the the powerful drug, what dr. conrad murray did while walking away from michael which this is something we surmised it was such reckless it does amount if not manslaughter than murder. bill: very good chance is he going to be indicted on involuntary manslaughter. as you said, you can't be messing around with this kind of stuff. >> it might be worse than just involuntary. bill: i don't believe the jackson family was going to intervene ever. i think this is all an attempt by the family and i could be wrong. i don't know them. you do. to kind of rehab the image after the fact. he had been using narcotics for a long, long time michael jackson. heavy narcotics. if there was going to be an intervention or something like that, it should have happened a long
? the dark? according to dr. conrad murray's attorney, his client was unaware of michael jackson's "unusual" problems when he took the job. i'll talk to dr. sanjay gupta and jeffrey toobin about that. (pouring rain) i had a great time. me too. you know, i just got out of a bad relatio... it's okay. thanks. goodnight. goodnight. (door crashes in, alarm sounds) get out! (phone rings) hello? this is rick with broadview security. is everything all right? no, my ex-boyfriend just kicked in the front door. i'm sending help right now. thank you. (announcer) brink's home security is now broadview security. call now to install the standard system for just $99. the proven technology of a broadview security system delivers rapid response from highly-trained professionals, 24 hours a day. call now to get the $99 installation, plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now-- and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. >>> coming up, michael jac
as a contributing factor. according to court papers dr. conrad murray gave propofol to help him sleep. >> did you than he needed that drug to go to sleep? >> no, i did not. no, i did not. the first time that i ever heard of the zplug police say dr. conrad murray admitted to him that he gave michael propofol the morning he died and that's now been ruled the cause of death. what does that tell you? >> it tells me there was foul play done. that's what it tells me. and more to be investigated to see what really's behind all of this stuff. not just dr. conrad murray. >> reporter: you want someone to pay? >> well, someone should pay, not just someone, but all of them should pay that's involved. >> reporter: all the doctors? >> i didn't say doctors. everybody else that's involved. >> reporter: anybody that's involved should pay? yes, sir. >> reporter: jeff rossum, "news4." >> joe jackson certainly picking his words carefully and also commented on michael's three children, prince michael -- prince michael, rather, paris and blanket. he says he is their grandfather. >>> michael's mother katherine was awar
of propofol that might have been in his system. bad for dr. conrad murray who was with him at his house. trying to wean him off this drug. he tried a lot of drugs before he said, according to a an affidavit that michael jackson demanded the propofol to try to sleep and gave him 25 milligrams of it. but before that, he tried a lot of other drugs. i'll give you the timeline here. at 1:30 in the morning he tried ten milligrams after valium, 2:00 a.m., ativan, 3:00 a.m., sedative versed. 5:00 a.m., more ativan, 7:30 a.m. more versed, another 2 milligrams. at 10:30 p.m., he gave him the 25 milligrams of propofol. the same drugs are mentioned in the coroner's findings released today and connected to michael jackson's death according to the coroner. the coroner has also determined that the drugs propofol and ativan were found to be the primary drugs, that's a direct quote, responsible for michael jackson's death. other drugs detected in his system, i'm told, versed, the muscle relaxer, valium, or diazepam as it's called, an antianxiety drug, lidocain. and infed rin which is a stimulus. >> are
was an addict and prescribing these drugs? >> obviously dr. conrad murray, dr. arnold klein his dermatologist. when we talk about it, and let's go back to your point of years of drug abuse, prescription drug addiction for michael jackson, that is going to be a defense for dr. murray? i was just on the scene the last few months. >> that is an interesting point. in some ways it makes it far more serious way is facing prescribing to an addict. it could be a defense. he was an addict. i dealt with one part of his life, the anesthesia, if that's what it was. to say there is a whole cocktail and that is what people were describing, that michael jackson had in his system. that might be somebody else, not me, murray would say. >> that's his only hope we find the cause of death, he's got to be hoping for a cocktail is the cause and not the main cause being propofal and diprivan. >> he said this on numerous occasions and it's got to be they are hoping that report will show there were numerous drugs. certain drugs linger longer, some stay longer and some shorter in the system. that's going to be real im
as a sleep aid came from applied pharmacy services in las vegas. an earlier search at the home of dr. conrad murray reportedly led police to believe that the pharmacy filled the prescription. they would not release details about jackson's death while the investigation continues. >>> a driver in california hit speeds of 100 miles per hour as he attempted to escape a police traffic stop. officials say the suspect ran several stop lights and even drove on the wrong side of the road before being cornered in a residential driveway. no one was hurt but that man is in custody. >>> michigan police are questioning a suspect they believe pulled off a robbery. the robber pointed a gun at a robber's head. police say he was trying to leave with the woman as a hostage but was only able the get away with her purse. >>> a mother blaming in youtube video for her son's severe burns. the 13-year-old boy watched a guy in a banana suit lighting himself on fire and tried to recreate it. the boy who copied it is now hospitalized with second and third degree burns. >>> back in california, cleanup crews are on the s
likely charges will be filed against dr. conrad murray. the doctor administered nothing that should have killed jackson, his attorneys say. >> if he had any kind of respiratory dysfunction, i think the combination might have killed him, it's like the straw that breaks the camels' back. this is a toxic cocktail and i'm surprised that a physician would administer all of these things. >> dr. murray says he was trying to wean the singer off the drugs at the time of his death. >>> vh1 is pulling the plug on programming that includes ryan jenkins, he committed suicide over the weekend while suspected of brutally murdering his ex-wife a popular model. a network spokesperson says both realities show megan wants a millionaire and i love money three which feature jenkins are now canceled. the murder of fiori is still unsolved. >>> rex ryan is the head coach of the new york jets. the ravens' defense showed it could go on without ryan and without skipping a beat. the ravens won 24-23 in the end, after the game, john harbaugh talked about that interception. >> how many defensive linemen get intercep
the man in the center of the investigation into michael jackson's death. right now, dr. conrad murray is not charged with a thing, but that could all change. he is not the only doctor they are giving a closer look. fox's anita vogel has the story. >> reporter: prosecutors could file charms against dr. conrad murray by next week. murray found jackson unconscious and tried to perform cpr on the dieing pop star. the doctor had not yet been named a suspect. but he broke his lence in this you tube message to supporters tuesday. >> because of all that is going on, i'm afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. i have done all i could do. i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> reporter: sources add that dr. murray won't be the only physician charged in jackson's death. as police seek to fine out how jackson may have obtained a strong indonesia normally used in surgery, they are investigating the pop star's long time dermatologist arnold klien. there are no charges against any of his doctors. spokespers robson said -- "there is no way to know what charges may be file
for the first time. dr. conrad murray has admitted to investigators that he gave jackson a powerful anesthetic, along with multiple sedatives in the hours before jackson died. murray posted a video online, insisting he has nothing to hide. and thanking his supporters. >> because of all that is going on, i'm afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. therefore, i recorded this video to let all of you know that i have been receiving your messages. i have done all i could do. i told the truth. and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> investigators have searched murray's home and medical offices. but so far, he has not been formally charged in jackson's death. >>> there are new questions this morning about the controversial cervical cancer vaccine given to preteen girls. a new study found more than 12,000 medical problems after patients were given gardasil. they include dizziness, headaches and faintings. but there were hundreds of serious problems, including blood clots and 32 case where's the patient died. the preliminary findings have caused some doctors to stop administering the vaccine
for clunkers. >>> and dr. conrad murray speaks out for the first time since michael jackson's death. he says he has told the truth so far. >>> overseas stock markets are stumbling once again this morning. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.8% today. hong kong's hang seng is down, as well. in london, the ftse opened lower. and this all comes after wall street bounced back from its steep losses on monday. the dow climbed 82 points yesterday, closing at 9217. the nasdaq added 25 points to close at 1955. >>> it is almost hard to believe that general motors emerged from bankruptcy just over a month ago, with lots of help from the government. now, thanks to another government program, the automaker is shifting its production into overdrive. emily schmidt joins us from washington with more,nd some rare news -- some rare good news for the auto industry. >> reporter: they will certainly take it, vinita. good morning. automakers are getting more mileage from cash for clunkers. sales are up. and for the first time in a long time, factories say they need more workers to make more cars. cash for clunkers now mea
page. >>> now to a developing story. michael jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray is now at the center of a homicide investigation based on a preliminary autopsy report. abc news has learned that police have reason to doubt some of what dr. murray told them about michael jackson's last hours. diana avellar reports from los angeles. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth, and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> reporter: dr. conrad murray claims he did nothing wrong. but his role as michael jackson's physician could lead to charges of involuntary manslaughter. the associated press is reporting that the los angeles coroner declared the pop star's death a homicide, based on preliminary toxicology results. they reveal jackson had a lethal cocktail of drugs in his system at the time of death. in particular, the powerful anesthetic propofol. investigators are working to determine where the drugs came from. a process that may lead to the implication of other physicians in the case. there are also questions surrounding murray's actions in jackson's last moments. cell
physician, dr. conrad murray bought a powerful anesthetic from that pharmacy. he is currently under investigation. >>> first a five-year-old girl was struck by a bullet intended for someone else earlier in the summer and last night a 59-year- old woman was struck inside her living room by a bullet intended for someone else. >> good morning everyone. >> reporter: police say -- on baltimore's street. a call to police comes from the 2800 block of carver road and cherry hill last night. when police arrived they found a 59-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the shoulder but the bullet wasn't meant for her. >> the victim was inside of her living room watching television when a bullet came through and struck her, detectives don't have much more to go on. >> police say the woman is expected to survive. the latest victim hit by a stray bullet. city watch crime cameras caught this crime that stunned the community as it happened. the video shows the shooting that injured five-year-old raven wyatt. you can see the gunman chasing someone and disappearing down the alley. it was obtained from
. the newly released document shows jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray, told investigators he gave jackson doses of valium, lorazepam, and midazolam throughout the night on june 25th in an intravenous drip because the 50-year-old entertainer could not fall asleep. when jackson was still awake at 10:40 in the morning, he gave him the powerful sedative propofol repeatedly used for surgery in hospitals. murray said, after he administered the propofol, jackson finally fell asleep. he says he then stepped away for less than two minutes, and when he returned, jackson had stopped breathing. dr. murray says he had been monitoring jackson with a pulse oximeter attached to jackson's finger. according to the search warrant affidavit, investigators found seven different prescriptions from three different doctors on jackson's bedside table. most of them can be used for insomnia. a law enforcement official tells the associated press the l.a. coroner has ruled jackson's death a homicide. dr. murray has been keeping a low profile, recently putting out a message on youtube, thanking his suppor
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